Below is our church's "wish list", which includes items that we either need now, need to replace or will need in the future.  If you would like to contribute toward one or more of these items, please contact Fr James first at stjamesbeaufort@gmail.com.

Remember that our goal is to offer our BEST to God in all things: our lives, our prayers, our actions, our thoughts, our work and (in this case) those things that we desire to offer to the Church in addition to what we are already giving as a sacrificial offering of our time, talent and treasure. 

PLEASE BEAR IN MIND that giving towards these items is not a replacement for one's "tithe".  This is something that goes over and above what one is already giving to God toward the ongoing work of the Church .  If you have any questions or concerns about issues related toward "proportional giving" as a sacramental offering to God, please speak with Fr James.




  • NEW CHURCH BUILDING:  $750,000 — $1,000,000   (It never hurts to ask!)

    • All kidding aside, we are now in the process of raising money for our future church building

    • We plan to hold our first capital campaign in mid-2018

    • Those interested in contributing to this campaign should contact Fr James or our treasurer, Kathy Bollack




As part of our future church building program, we are preparing to raise specific funds for proper painted icons of the 12 Great Feasts of the Church year and of the four large main icons of the iconostasis: Christ, Christ and the Theotokos, St John the Forerunner and St James Son of Zebedee.  We estimate that the final cost for each icon will be approximately $400-700 depending on size, though this is just a ballpark amount.  For an idea of the sort of icon program we are considering, please see the following photo from Holy Ascension Orthodox Church, in Mount Pleasant, SC.  Total: TBD


Our church has been given the amazing gift of a portion of the relics of St Sebastian of Jackson: one of the newest canonized saints in America.  We now have a properly painted icon of St Sebastian and have installed his relics in it.  Additionally, we would like to have icons of the major American canonized saints created, and to house their relics in each icon. We expect the cost for each icon to be approximately $500. We recently received the necessary relics of several American saints to be installed in each icon (as well as the relics of two Russian saints). The icons in this program include (but aren’t limited to) images of:

St Tikhon of Moscow (Partially funded)

St Jacob of Alaska (Partially funded)

St Alexis of Wilkes-Barre (Partially funded)

Blessed Olga of Alaska

St Nicholas of Japan (On Order, fully funded)

St Sebastian of Jackson (COMPLETED, see below)


St Herman of Alaska (COMPLETED!)

St Innocent of Alaska (COMPLETED!)

St Raphael of Brooklyn (COMPLETED!)

St Seraphim of Sarov (COMPLETED!)

If you would like to participate, you can give as much as you like toward the cost of one or more icons, or simply give a lesser amount to be used along with others’ giving toward that icon (basically, you don’t need to pay for the whole icon if you would simply like to give a few dollars toward its creation). Email Fr James for more information.

ARCHITECTURAL ITEMS for the Future Church Building:

  • Choros and Chandeliers: The central Choros is a staggeringly beautiful circular structure, giving light to the center of the temple. The matching chandeliers add additional light to the transepts and the colonnades: This CHOROS (we will need only one, $15-20,000) and these CHANDELIERS (we will need four to six of them, $1000 each)


  • Memorial Service (Panikhida) Table: $800 (here)


    • Two Ripidia, or "Liturgical Fans": $850 / pair UNPAINTED, plus additional cost for icons painted (these from New World Byzantine $850 / pair UNPAINTED, plus additional cost for icons painted OR these from St Elisabeth Convent at $1300/pair)

    • Processional Cross: $650 UNPAINTED, plus additional cost for icon painting (this one from New World Byzantine) OR $1600 (which is this one from St Elisabeth Convent)

    • Processional set STAND for New World Byzantine items only: $1200 (this one)

  • Lampada counter-weight (for the lampada over Holy doors... it allows it to be lowered easily): $100 (here)

  • Three Icon Stands ("Analogion"): $1500-$3000 ea. estimated (custom made)

  • Seven Branch Candle Stand for the Holy Table (this one from New World Byzantine OR this amazing one from St Elisabeth Convent)


  • ADDITIONAL servers vestments, especially Purple Servers vestments (8 sets): $1600 (eventually, we would like to have vestments for all of the liturgical seasons)

  • Proper Altar cover and icon stand cloths in the following colors (listed in order of NEED): BLUE, BURGUNDY/ RED, WHITE, GOLD, PURPLE /VIOLET. While we currently have covers for our altar and our stands in some of these colors (some of which are just passable), we would like to improve upon the selection that we have and complete all of the liturgical colors. We would then pass on our current set of colors to a newer mission church in need.

    • An example of beautiful blue icon stand covers can be found here.

    • An example of an altar (or holy table) cover can be found here. We will only need the top covering and not the covering that wraps around the table sides.


  • Incense: our favorite supplier is orthodoxincense.com

  • Olive oil (we're told that normal virgin olive oil burns cleaner than the extra-virgin type)