Below is our church's "wish list", which includes items that we either need now, need to replace or will need in the future.  If you would like to contribute toward one or more of these items, please contact Fr James first at stjamesbeaufort@gmail.com.

Remember that our goal is to offer our BEST to God in all things: our lives, our prayers, our actions, our thoughts, our work and (in this case) those things that we desire to offer to the Church in addition to what we are already giving as a sacrificial offering of our time, talent and treasure.  Like generations before us, from the richest members of Constantinopolitan society to the poorest coal miners working in Pennsylvania, Orthodox Christians have used their God-given time, talent and treasure to make their church buildings beautiful .  All of this is intended to reflect the Glory of God and to witness to the beauty of our faith in Christ and His salvific work on our behalf.

PLEASE BEAR IN MIND that giving towards these items is not a replacement for one's "tithe".  This is something that goes over and above what one is already giving to God toward the ongoing work of the Church .  If you have any questions or concerns about issues related toward "proportional giving" as a sacramental offering to God, please speak with Fr James.



  • Purple Servers vestments (8 sets): $1600  (eventually, we would like to have vestments for all of the liturgical seasons)
  • Four or more LARGE matching "Persian" rugs for nave (8 x 10 or similar or even larger) :  from $300 and up (used in excellent condition would be fine)
  • Trough to be used for adult baptisms: $200  
  • Orthodox Hospital Communion Kit:  $100-$550  (We are currently using a borrowed kit.  If a complete used kit that is in excellent condition could be found, this would be adequate )


  • Proper Altar cover and icon stand cloths in the following colors (listed in order of NEED): BLUE, BURGUNDY/ RED, WHITE, GOLD, PURPLE /VIOLET.  While we currently have covers for our altar and our stands in some of these colors (some of which are just passable), we would like to improve upon the selection that we have and complete all of the liturgical colors.  We would then pass on our current set of colors to a newer mission church in need.  
    • An example of beautiful blue icon stand covers can be found here.
    • An example of an altar (or holy table) cover can be found here.  We will only need the top covering and not the covering that wraps around the table sides.


  • Vigil candles for Nave:
    • Vigil Lamps (7-Day tall candle type):  Box of 10, $50 (here)  
    • TWO Vigil lamp globes:  $26 ea. (here)  
    • TWO Vigil Lamp Stands:  $127 ea.  (here)
  • Vigil Candles for Panikhida:
    • TWO Silver-Plated Standing Vigil Lamps:  $33 ea.  (here)


  • Lampada counter-weight (for the lampada over Holy doors... it allows it to be lowered easily): $100 (here)
  • Memorial Service (Panikhida) Table:  $800  (here)
  • Three Icon Stands ("Analogion"):  $1500-$3000 ea. estimated  (custom made)


    • Two Ripidia, or "Liturgical Fans":  $850 / pair UNPAINTED, plus additional cost for icons painted (these)
    • Processional Cross:  $650 UNPAINTED, plus additional cost for icon painting (this one)
    • Processional set STAND:  $1200  (this one)


  • NEW CHURCH BUILDING:  $750,000 — $1,000,000   (It never hurts to ask!)