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Pastor’s Report: Reflection 2019

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2019 APPROVED Budget and 2018 Financial Report

Minutes from Annual Meeting 2018

2019 Membership “In Good Standing” List

PLEASE NOTE: to be a member “in good standing” and therefore able to vote in parish meetings and participate in the debate and discussion requires the following according to our Parish’s By-Laws:

A Member must:

(a) have been baptized and chrismated, or otherwise canonically received, into the Church and who consciously uphold and profess the Orthodox Faith;

(b) are regular communicants, that is, frequent participants in the Holy Mysteries of Confession and Communion. Members ideally partake of the Mysteries weekly, but in any case, no one can be a member of the Parish who fails to comply with this obligation at least once a year; [N.b. implicit is regular attendance at services at this specific parish — Fr James]

(c) fulfill the financial obligations established by the Parish. All members are urged to make a yearly commitment for financial support of the Parish in the form of a pledge, the standard of which is a tithe (one-tenth) of their income; and

(d) declare their intention to be members.


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